Ulusal Yatırım | A first in Salihli, realized at Medigüneş Hospital
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A first in Salihli, realized at Medigüneş Hospital

After the Medifema Private Hospital we built, MEDİGÜNEŞ PRIVATE HOSPITAL has successfully performed cardiovascular surgical operations.

We wish our hospital and our people good wishes.

MediGüneş Private Hospital, which has carried out important surgeries since the first day of opening, performed the open coronary By-Pass operation by signing the first in Salihli. Physicians of Cardiovascular Surgery Salihli MediGüneş Hospital Op.Dr. Ahmet Özdemir and Op.Dr. Şekip Kazım Çelik recovered Yemliha Toprak at the age of 70 with a successful coronary By-Pass operation. Click Link for More the News…